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Reading the Apocalypse of St John the Apostle I linked his vision of the apocalypse to the chemical and bacteriological war. I found it very contemporary so I thought about making a video poetry about the consequences of war, the damaging of the environment and the reborn of a new world permanently poisoned; a world that will never look the same again.


The fluid animation has been done with a magnetic putty attracted by a magnet. This slow process took few hours to complete so every shot has been done in time-lapse using a motion control rig for camera moves and focus pull, however in some shots the fluid is full CG.

Director – Shooting – Editing – 3D: Enrico Lambiase
Compositing: Enrico Lambiase, Valentina Bartiromo
Voice Over: David Seys
Music – Sound Design: Daniele Marinelli
Script: St. John The Apostle

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