Enrico Lambiase

Enrico Lambiase

Enrico started his career as visual motion therapist in 2001 when his father, an ultra distance cyclist, was injured in a crash during a race. While the medics and crew assisted him, Enrico recorded and documented the unfortunate event with his camera. Despite the crash, his father finished his race albeit with a broken shoulder.

Following this experience, he decided to use a combination of moving and still images as a means of visual therapy to escape from the ordinary into the surreal. Following the documenting of his father’s crash, he is determined to show that our bodies are not something that we should be anxious of, but can be a beautiful and poetic place of wonder.

His works have been featured in publications such as Televisual, IdN Magazine and Computer Arts.

Although currently living and working in London, he is available to participate in art projects or commercial commissions worldwide.

”Whatever he turns his hand to, you will find a touch if Surrealism. In love with dreams, sensations, poetry and love, which serves as an apt summation of his romantic style” – IdN Magazine


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